November 22, 2010

An Interview With Trade Show Expert John Hill – Develop An Elevator Statement

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Want a larger reaction at your next tradeshow? Be sure to have an elevator statement prepared. Don’t know what one is? What this helpful video.

November 12, 2010

Long Island Advancement For Small Business 1 year anniversary celebration

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I was proud to be a part of the LIASB, please take a moment to view the fine folks who came out to our 1 year celebration on October 26,2010. For more information about the Long Island Advancement Of Small Business please visit:

November 4, 2010

Tales From The Booth: Trade Show Planning Guide

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A trade show planning guide is the general term used by anyone who has to organize all the details that are involved in a trade show. Some Trade show planner use spread sheets other use 3 X 5 cards some have loose leaf books with sections for each item. What every your preference you need some sort of a document to insure that nothing falls through the cracks. Trade shows are too expensive in money, time and effort not to cover all of your bases to make sure it will be done correctly.

A planning guide, when you first get started is a continual work in process. As you get more experience in developing and operating trade shows you will modify this guide to suit your particular needs. If you are looking for a guide that has taken into consideration most every possible situation, or contingency, than I suggest you look at Exhibitor Magazine’s Trade Show Planning Guide, and use that as a reference.

Eventually, if you plan trade shows for your company on a regular basis, then you will develop your own Planning Guide that has all of those items listed that you have found to be important to satisfying your company requirements as well as making your trade show a success!