June 26, 2012

Want Better Results? Invite People to your Booth!

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Want better results from your next tradeshow effort? Want more visitors to your booth? Please watch and enjoy!

June 15, 2012

Know Who you are Speaking to, Before you Present

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Target CustomerHave you ever stopped at a booth at a trade show to ask a question, and before you opened your mouth the person in the booth started giving you a presentation on the product or service on display?

This is especially true of companies that are in the technology field. It is almost like you get within hearing distance of the booth and immediately one of the people on booth duty goes into their “pitch” and they are yet to find out who they are speaking too.

Many of the people that go to a trade show are not technical or quite frankly care about the technology. Their company has given them a job to do, and that is why they are at the trade show to begin with.  If you are speaking with a VP of Finance, or a Purchasing Agent, I doubt they are really interested in how fast the product runs, or the clock speed of the processor. They most probably have been sent to get pricing and delivery information, and if they have to listen to a technical presentation, which they are really not interested, they will go somewhere else and get the answers they are looking for.

If you are standing booth duty and an attendee comes to your booth. Look at the person’s badge, if his or her title is non-descript, ask the person what their duties are at their company. For example,” Good morning Mr. Jones, I see from your badge that you are with XYZ Company, and you are a manager. Just what do you manage”?  Now you have gotten this person talking, and about something that is easy for that person to talk about; their position, and their company. Once you have ascertained what they do in their capacity then you can present what they want clearly, efficiently and effectively. They will appreciate that they did not waste time and you were able to help them. You left them with a positive impression of both you and your company. If you have done your qualification sequence correctly, you know when to follow up and what they want.