November 13, 2012

Management Using the Company Booth as a Meeting Place

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Unless you have a 40’ X 40’ booth, with plenty of open space, a booth is a marketing tool and not an executive hangout or a place to meet old friends or business associates.

How many times have you seen senior management or even Presidents of companies use their booth as a meeting place for some of their networking function causing congestion in the booth, and certainly not contributing to new business opportunities?

If you are a President of a company with a 10’ X 10’ foot booth, you should have the people stop by, see your booth and your people in action, but to linger and carry on business conversations there is counter productive and makes it harder for the booth personnel to “qualify” prospects and suspects.

Always consider your booth as an extension of your own office. When you are doing business, I don’t believe you have members of your company just “hangout” in your office.

November 6, 2012

An Intro to John Hill-Find him on Linked-In

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An intro to John Hill on Linked- In