January 3, 2011

Tales From The Booth – Location, Location, Location!

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If you are going to a major trade shows for the first time don’t expect to get a booth that is necessarily on the main floor, or in one of the best locations. If it is a popular trade show, there may even be a waiting list.
Where do you want your booth to be in a trade show? The obvious answer is, “where you will get the most traffic” But if you are new on the scene, or new to this particular trade show, you may not have the luxury of being able to pick where you want to have your booth.

When you sign up for these trade shows, if you read the fine print the trade show producer has the right to move you to another location for what ever reason.

Some exhibitors prefer to set up their booth by the cafeteria, or where the coffee wagon will be parked. Others want to be right across from the bathrooms. Then some want the end of the aisle, so they can have traffic flow in two directions. Before you make the commitment review the floor plan, find out what other vendors are in your area.

If there is a new major company that is also exhibiting for the first time at this trade show you may be able to get more traffic at your booth by just being located close to that major companies booth.
Considering that most major companies spend more on advertising, and to generate interest it may be ideal to take a booth as close to the major company as possible, and see how many of the attendees that come to see this major company you will be able to convince to stop at your booth.

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