August 2, 2011

Company Name and Tag Line-Do they say who you are, and what you do?

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Many companies spend so much marketing money trying to impress the market place with unique company names and very unusual tag lines. Unless you are IBM or Coke, and you are continually “branding’ your product, you have problems.
Yet companies are for ever enlisting the help of marketing company to come up with some very unique name, and some very “catchy” tag line. The trouble is that only the people in the company know what the name of the company means, and what is intended by the wording of the “tag” line.


With new companies being organized or opened on a daily basis, both on a national and international basis you as a company owner are competing with a lot of other companies, and many of those companies will be in your market place as well. Regardless of the name, if it doesn’t hit a hot button, and the tag line leaves the attendee walking right by your booth, you have certainly not done your job if you were at this trade show to generate opportunities.
If your marketing was done correctly to begin with a marketing plan would have been put in place that would get the name of your company out into the public, and would certainly let those companies who would or could use your product know just what it is and what it does.

Considering the fact that if you have a 10 ft. booth you have approximately 3 seconds to make an impression on someone passing in front of your booth, your company name and tag line should be easy to understand and instantly tell what you are about.  When you have an attendee stand in front of your booth with a quizzical look on their face, look at the company name, then at the tag line  and says, “What does your company name mean, and what does the company do” you know you have problems.

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