August 17, 2011

Ask The Tradeshow Coach: Where Can I Find Tradeshows To Attend?

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Dear Mr. Hill:
As you can see I am located in Albany, New York and I do a lot of work with the government. While many companies want to do work with the government, I would like to generate opportunities in the commercial arena as well. I believe in trade shows, and have been successful in selling into the state government by exhibiting at the major trade shows held here in Albany every year. Can you suggest some trade show, or where to look for trade shows that will be for my industry and focus?
Alex C.
Albany, NY


Dear Alex:
I am familiar with the trade shows that you attend in Albany. It is very well attended and many of the departments in the State government do make it a point to attend. Since you didn’t give me any idea what industry you are in, or the products that you are selling I suggest you look at a couple of web sites and determine which major and regional trade shows would be right for you and your company. One of the best sites that give you a broad overview of the trade shows is I think you will be impressed with the information they supply. Locally, you have a number of regional trade shows that you should look in to. You don’t have to come to New York City to find Regional trade shows in the Albany area. Don’t forget this is another site that will give you a lot of information. I hope you find these sites helpful, and that you are able to generate some commercial business.
To your continued trade show success
John Hill, Trade Show Coach

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