October 14, 2011

Developing a “script” to be used by booth personnel

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There are just so many questions that an exhibitor will be asked at a trade show regarding his/her products or services. These questions usually pertain to, price, delivery, specifications, modifications, quantities and specials. You can prepare all your booth people to respond to these questions the same way.
Yet, it is not uncommon for someone to ask a person standing booth duty the price of XYZ product and get a price, then come back a half hour later and ask some other person in the booth the price of the xyz product and get as different number. It happens every day, at many trade shows. Every person standing booth duty should tell the same story, if they don’t the attendee will certainly think you are telling them what you think they want to hear, not, what the real facts are.
Don’t put your booth personnel or your company in a bad light by not having information that they all can use. One of the best give and take at a trade show between an attendee and booth personnel went like this. The attendee asked, “How soon can I get this unit? The booth personnel responded “How soon do you need it?” The attendee responded, “I need it in 45 days” The booth person said.” If I can guarantee you delivery of this product within 45 day will you give me an order?” With that type of give and take, it is obvious that the booth person takes his trade show booth duty seriously, and he certainly doesn’t want to waste any time on “tire kickers”, cup and pen collectors, and talkers.

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