December 4, 2011

Ask The Tradeshow Coach: Coach vs. Consultant?

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Good morning John:
I read your April E-Newsletter and I see all of the services that your companies offers, especially in the area of trade shows. Why do you call yourself a coach and not a consultant?

Allen, New York City

Dear Allen:

I get asked this question a lot, usually when I meet someone in person. This is the first time I had someone actually write to me about this. Well, I hope I do not alienate too many of my consultant friends and business associates, but I think after they read my response they will have to agree. I was a business consultant for over ten years, back in the eighties. Back then; it was assumed that if you were a consultant you had a lot of experience, besides a strong educational background. As we moved in the business world of the nineties, more and more people, fresh out of school entered into the different industries and they instantly became Consultants. I had always thought that Consultant and Experience were synonymous. Obviously, that is not the case today. When I decided to call myself a Coach, it was because all that I know about Coaches is that you MUST have the experience and the longevity in your field before you can call yourself a Coach. I have that longevity, experience and more to be able to assist my clients.

To your continued trade show success

John Hill, Trade Show Coach

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