February 2, 2012

The Qualification Form – FREE OUTLINE

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Ive spoke many times about the importance of a qualification form on this blog.

Your company Qualification form should be unique. It should reflect what questions need to be asked by the qualifier to confidently determine that he or she has asked all of the questions necessary to determine the following:

1. There is a requirement for your product or service.

2. That funding as been allocated for this particular requirement.

3. That you have the names of the other people involved with this decision.

4. That a firm delivery date has been discussed, and agreed upon.

5. If it is a special engineering requirement, then you know the name of the person within that organization that must be contacted by your engineering person.

6. If is needs software developed, then you know the name of the person within the organization to contact.

7. That you know all there is to know, and all of the ways to contact this person; i.e. business phone #, Direct line, Cell number, e-mail address, Title, years with the company.

8. If all this is done in a professional manner, it should take less than 5 minutes to accomplish. More than that you are leaving yourself open for questions that may not be relevant to the opportunity.

I’ve also put together a FREE qualification form for you to download to help get you on your way to tradeshow success!

Click here to download:


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