July 26, 2010

Tales From The Booth – The Other Entrance

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At one of the major trade electronic shows that were held in Las Vegas our 10 ft booth was placed right next to one of the largest suppliers of electronic equipment in the world. In one way good, for the companies situated close to this large supplier it is nice because the smaller companies with the smaller booths can usually see some of the people going to and from the large supplier booth.
One of the problems that we did not foresee was that this company was going to announce a new “State of the art” product that was years ahead of any of it’s competition. Consequently, with this announcement, everyone was rushing to see this new product, and not stopping at any of the other booths in the vicinity. 
They had a free standing “Entrance” sign that pointed people in the right direction to there booth.  After watching the parade of attendees passing our booth on the way to see, what turned out to be the talk of the show, my booth personnel were getting frustrated. Unbeknownst to me, when no one from this large electronic supplier was watching one of the people in our booth took their entrance sign and moved it to the other side of our booth. With in a few minutes we had more traffic in our booth then we could handle.  At first the attendees would look and say “This is not the ABC Booth?” and our response was, “No they are right next door, but since you are here, why not let me show you what we have to offer?”  Some of the people would leave, but the majority of the people would at least stay and listen to our presentation, and we did get some prospects out of this.   We were able to capitalize on this for the first two days of the trade show.  Sometimes, when you are so big it takes time for them to get their act together.  Eventually, it was noticed by the booth manager of this larger electronic supplier.  Reluctantly, he moved the sign back to its original place. 

The rest of the show we weren’t as busy as we were the first two days.   As I have said before sometimes you just have to think out side of the box to get things to happen, especially at a trade show.

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