June 10, 2013

Contact information in the trade show directory – Pre-Show Effort

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Just listing the Company name, address and general telephone # in the trade show directly is telling the attendees that this is just another trade show. But if you list telephone # a person’s name to contact, now you have told the reader that we have assigned someone to this trade show and if you call we will be familiar with the trade show and the products or services that we had on display. One of the major problems of large companies is that when they are at a trade show their booth personnel are helpful, friendly, ready to assist when possible, and when the attendee leaves he or she feels like they have made a connection.
Now the trade show is over and everyone is back at their respected offices. A telephone call comes in from a person that had stopped at your booth, and they are now put through an inquisition. The conversation goes something like this.
Office: Good morning XYZ Company,
Response: My name is John Doe I stopped at your trade show booth in Las Vegas and I want to speak to someone in sales.
Office: what is this in reference too?
Response: I want to speak to someone in sales.
Finally the receptionist gives you to the Administrative aide or secretary in the sales department, and you have to state your business all over again.
If your caller had a name and a direct number of someone in the sales department that you could talk with all this wasted effort would be eliminated, and would certainly put your prospect in a better frame of mind, even wanting to do business.
(Note: some companies list a bogus name, and if a person calls to speak with that person the company knows that the person was at the trade show and anyone in the sales department will know the products or services that were on display at that trade show and can respond effectively).

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