July 18, 2013

Trade Show Directory information does not reflect the company’s theme or products at the show

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A visitor to a trade show usually refers to the trade show directory to determine what companies and booths he or she will visit. If your company is listed as a company that makes product A, when they get to your booth, the attendee expect to see product A, not hear or see some other product that your company manufacturers.

Yet companies either list every product they manufacture or list 1 or 2  basic products , and when the attendee get to the exhibitors booth and asks to see a demonstration they are told the company didn’t bring that product this trip, but they have other products that they can show you.  Now what has the exhibitor done?

The attendee has taken time to come to the booth, hoping to see the product that was listed in the directory, and was told they don’t have it.

Do you think this attendee will be pleased with this type of response, and what do you think he will say about your company in the future?

If you list the product in the trade show directory make sure you have the product in your booth!

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