October 1, 2013

Packing and Returning Your Booth to the Office

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Make arrangements to pack and return the booth to your company before the trade show begins. Once the trade show is over people are in a hurry to leave and do not pay attention to details, which is one of the major problems in shipping and receiving that can cost you both time and money.  The following are some of the things to take into consideration:



  1. List any problems with the booth that should be addressed when you return to your office.
  2. Put a paper inside the exhibit stating who the person was who was in charge of breaking down the booth and getting it ready for shipping.
  3. Make a list of the problems you encountered with the booth at the trade show.
  4. If it is a very intricate booth to set up, have someone take pictures of the step by step process that you go through to get the booth set up.  Instructions are great but a picture is worth a thousand words.
  5. Make copies of the bills of lading and any other receipts or invoices that you get from the shipping company.
  6. Make sure if your booth is to be shipped via Allied Van Lines, that the manager of the shipping dock does not take it upon himself to ship it with another carrier.
  7. Make sure you know the people in charge of shipping your equipment to the trade show. When you have a problem you want to have someone at the shipping company to speak with, not just the driver of the truck.
  8. Read all of the shipping and receiving documentation carefully. You want to know who is responsible if your booth of equipment is damaged in shipment. Accountability is key
  9. Insurance is important and if your custom booth cost $100,000. You need to be assured that if you have damage or problems that you can recoup your investment.
  10. You should interview your booth and equipment carrier that same way you would interview anyone else for a job. Ask to speak with some of their clients who also do trade shows. You want to be sure that you are placing your booth and equipment in capable, and accountable hands.

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